Vienna, Austria


Alexandre Verhille: Map of Norway #map #norway #norge #noreg

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Art history meme | 3/8 artists

Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864–1916)

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Hammershøi is known for his poetic, low-key interiors. Many of these feature his wife, Ida Ilsted, often seen from behind, and many were painted in their homes in Copenhagen.

Throughout his career, Hammershøi remained independent of any group or movement: a fact which contributed to his work being largely forgotten until relatively recently. While their limited colour-palettes give Hammershøi’s works an air of calm elegance, they can also evoke a sense of mystery and even tension, and, despite their understated aesthetic, they were enough to unsettle the artistic establishment of Hammershøi’s day.

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Society often blurs the lines between drag queens and trans women. This is highly problematic, because many people believe that, like drag queens, trans women go home, take off their wigs and chest plates, and walk around as men. Trans womanhood is not a performance or costume.

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Bright Star (2009)

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Egon Schiele, Seated Nude Girl with Shirt over Her Head, 1910

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Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

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